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A Decent Home

A Decent Home

Genre: Documentary

Actor: Sara Terry, Victoria Chalk

Director: Sara Terry

Country: United States

IMDB: 5.9

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Movie plot

In the eye-opening documentary "A Decent Home," viewers are given an inside look at the challenges faced by residents of manufactured homes in America. Once seen as a last vestige of affordable housing, these homes are now facing an uncertain future as wealthy landowners raise rents and threaten to evict residents who can't keep up with the rising costs. Through candid interviews and heart-wrenching personal stories, the film shines a light on the struggles of those who call these homes their own, and the communities that have formed around them A Decent Home is a documentary about manufactured homes in America. Focused on how these last vestiges of Affordable housing are facing trials as rich landowners raise rent and evict them from the land they rent, but do not own.

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