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Batfink - Season 1

Batfink - Season 1

Genre: Comedy , Action , Animation

Actor: Len Maxwell, Frank Buxton


Country: United States

IMDB: 7.1

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Movie plot

In this fantastical world, a half-bat and half-cat creature named Batty is on a mission to rid the land of evil with the help of his friend, Karate. Together they embark on daring adventures and face dangerous foes as they fight to protect their homeland. But as they journey deeper into the heart of darkness, Batty begins to realize that the greatest battle he must fight may be within himself. Will he have the strength to overcome his inner demons and emerge victorious, or will he succumb to the darkness and be lost forever The story is about a half-bat and half-cat creature that fights evil with the help of its friend, Karate.

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