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Flanders no Inu - Season 1

Flanders no Inu - Season 1

Genre: Drama , Action , Family

Director: Yoshio Kuroda

Country: United States


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Movie plot

In "The Adventures of a Little Belgian Boy," we follow the story of a young boy named Nello who lives in a small Flemish village in 19th century Belgium with his caring grandfather. Despite their poverty, Nello finds joy in his love of art and his beloved pet dog, Patrasche.Nello dreams of one day becoming a famous painter, but his circumstances seem to make this goal unattainable. However, when he discovers a lost painting by the famous artist Rubens, Nello sees an opportunity to make his dreams a reality. A small poor boy lives with his caring grandfather in a small Flemish village in the 19th century Belgium, has a lovable pet dog, loves art and dreams of becoming a famous painter one day. Based on a famous Flemish novel.

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