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Christmas with Jessi" is a heartwarming holiday film that explores the pressures of social media and the importance of finding happiness in the little things. Jessi is struggling to find joy during the Christmas season as she compares herself to others on social media who seem to have it all. Despite having a job at the local movie theater and being burdened with student loan debt, Jessi can't seem to shake the feeling that she's not measuring up. Her friends and grandmother worry about her and want nothing more than to see her happy. As the story unfolds, Jessi learns to appreciate the simple things in life and finds that true happiness comes from within It's Christmastime and Jessi is all but excited. She finds herself with comparisonitis in the world of social media. Other women her age just seem to "have it all", while she is frustrated over her job at the local movie theater, and drowning in student loan debt. Her Grandma and friends seem to be concerned for her health and well being, and only want Jessi to be hap... 

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