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Sappy Holiday

The movie says Joy (Vanessa Sears) is an aspiring chef working in a big city restaurant where she is underrated and underrated. But good things are coming! Her boyfriend Gabe (Colton Royce) has organized a family get-together vacation for her without her permission. Gabe's mother, who is running for mayor, asks Gabe to book it in advance. to support her, so Joy has to go to Collins' Vermont mansion on her own in Gabe's luxury car. She accidentally discovers a beautiful engagement ring in his luggage. But in a When she had an accident, she accidentally met James, a completely new person to her. After being saved by James and returned to his farm, Joy had feelings for him and his family, when the sparks broke out. Rise between Joy and James, they know they need to follow their hearts and help each other find the Christmas miracle each one is looking for. When a sous chef accidentally discovers her boyfriend is going to propose to her on Christmas Eve, she begins doubting their future together; especially when a handsome maple farmer rescues her from a snowstorm.

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