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VHmovies.to Brings The Mini Cinema To Your Home

Have you had a long tiring day? It is time to leave stress behind the door, turn on an interesting movie, and lounge on the sofa to rest. Why not go to the cinema? 

It is because you already have a home service of the same quality at our site. Gone are the days you had to wait in a long line just to get your hands on a ticket to a crowded theater where you almost have no private time with your beloved one.

Vhmovies is one of the popular free streaming platforms favored by cinephiles. Despite the lack of a widescreen, we serve spectacular footage for private enjoyment. 

Moving a block away from home and paying to see your best-loved characters is not necessary. You can set up your space according to your preferences and have a one-of-a-kind chilling movie night.

That's how we keep your mood uplifting. Now let's move on to the commitment to quality. Tumovies aims at the best value for customers. In addition to an abundance of cinematic resources, we have worked hard to improve other small details. A slight upgrade of features will surely result in an overall enhancement.

What do we have for you? Scroll down to know more!

What To Look For On VHmovies ? 

10,000+ Blockbuster Movies And TV Series With Subs

We laid the first brick for a while, and now they have become a house. Our platform has recorded the proud milestone of 10,000 movies recently. However, it is never a stop. We always gear towards a continuous expansion to reach higher levels soon.

This motivation has driven us to go the extra mile. The admin team catches up with the trend and uploads hundreds of new episodes daily. Visitors always have something new to stream.

The best part is that we put a lot of effort into the translations. Because we live in an explosive age of globalization, this website is dedicated to welcoming international viewers.

Depending on the movie's popularity, our translation team offers several options for subtitles. At the very least, you can turn on English - a common language, but most offer a few more.

Some of our movies are available in up to 10 languages, including Arabic, Indonesian, Finnish, Norwegian, Thai, Vietnamese, etc. You can hardly find such thoughtful preparation on other sites except for paid domains that are personalized for your locality.

The humanistic messages embedded in the films should not be missed. That's why we try to break down the language barrier. Nothing can stop you from going through the ups and downs with your favorite characters. It is also a way to learn about cultures and contemporary contexts through our subtitles.

A Wide Range Of Genres

The cinematic universe is flooded with many different genres. To serve the entertainment needs of the audience, filmmakers give birth to multiple subgenres or blended outcomes. Expansion sometimes leaves viewers confused when they are faced with a huge library.

The abundance of resources puts streaming service providers in a difficult situation. It is not easy to divide flicks into the correct group. The theory has laid out more than five approaches to the film genre.

After much consideration, we applied context and mood classification to this website. For the first option, you can hover between things like Crime, Sci-Fi, Sports, Western, Xmas, etc. Moving to the remaining method, our website exhibits Romance, Comedy, Action, Thriller, Fantasy, etc.

Clear categories help visitors go straight to where they belong. Even if you go directly to the intro page of a particular movie, this important information appears on the screen. You may be surprised to learn that sometimes there is more than one tag for your upcoming show.

No Registration

Most streaming sites now require a registration and login step. Some implement this process from the very first moment, while others apply it for premium features. Customers may feel uncomfortable giving their personal information to an unfamiliar third party.

With the audience in mind, Tunmoives has decided to abolish these procedures. All our viewers do on the website is play the episode as they originally intended. This helps keep visitors excited from the searching to streaming time.

Additionally, we view this policy as an effective method of reinforcing protection for Internet users. Our dear viewers are free from the risks of information leakage or theft. In short, your comfort and safety come out on top. 

Free Streaming And Downloading

Our growth plan has never been profit-oriented. We maintain and develop the service to spread entertainment to everyone. Visitors do not have to pay a dime whether they come for blockbusters or classic movies.

This does not mean that we put any barriers. We facilitate free streaming and downloading. Feel free to take advantage of a video downloader for offline viewing or just enjoy it on the go.

The quality is always the cherry on top. We say no to dim screens that get in the way of filmmakers' passionate footage and dampen the full viewer's experience.

Though we cannot keep up with the sharp cinematic motion, our shows always deliver 720p or even 1080p in some. This quality especially makes sense for old movies. It would be a waste to let legends sink into oblivion.

Multi Servers For Smooth Show

Each movie on our website's domain usually comes up with three servers: two for the main show and one for backup. Our technical team has a thorough preparation for seamless play. If you run into any issues, switch to the rest of the servers and get on with the fun.

Even if it is a backup option, the loading speed is not changed compared to the main two. We regularly carry out maintenance and upgrades to serve the fastest response. From an audience standpoint, short interruptions may dampen the excitement. Of course, we never want this inconvenience to upset our audience.

Clean & Neat Interface

The clear division of film genres is part of our thoughtful interface. We dig into the little details to deliver quick navigation to our visitors. Suppose you want to check a movie's rating before spending time on it; no need to switch to IMDB's official site. We deliver this reliable score right at the movie's entrance. Besides, the Top IMDB button opens up a long list of high-rated titles for your reference. 

Once you are on the playing page, useful information is ready for consideration, such as overview, release year, cats, duration, etc. Do not forget to scroll down to find more similar videos for future visits.

Zero Ads

A common problem with free streaming providers is advertising. From their point of view, it's a way to make money and stay afloat. On the downside, pop-ups and ads are real pet peeves for our audience, as they mask a significant part of the screen and pause the playing video. 

So what are the solutions? Just a question, and you do not have to struggle to find the answer. Tumovies has removed these aggravating factors for you.

Let's See What Our Viewers Say About Us 

Our service has received many comments from loyal visitors. Your every sincere word adds motivation to our work.

@Evelyn ****:

“I found my best movie streaming site. Surely your domain should be known more. At least, I will recommend it to my acquaintances. If an administrator has come across this message, please send my gratitude to the translation team. You guys did an amazing job.” 

@Elly Nguyen: 

“OMG, I finally found a Vietnamese subtitle for my expected movie. Just a few hours ago, I thought I had to pay a subscription to watch it on Netflix. Please provide more quality translations for other movies on this site. I'll be back soon!"

@Brooklyn Decker:

“Most of the viewers here are happy with the translation on your site, but I fell in love with something else. I'm an English speaker, so I do not struggle to understand popular movies. However, I feel super annoyed about the quality of the servers on other websites. They lower my mood. Luckily, this site nailed it!"

@Han So-eun: 

“I was deadlocked because I could not find my beloved TV series on this site. Without much hope, I sent out my request. OMG, this team responded and uploaded it a few days later. You should take note this and do the same when necessary. The best customer service ever!” 

It’s Time To Start The Greatest Show!

Check out the editor's choices below if you reach our site for the first time and do not have a specific idea for a title. They come in many genres and reflect a different aspect of life. Bet there will be one that makes your day. 

Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim

The story revolves around the famous doctor in Korean medicine, Boo Yong Joo (Han Suk Kyu). Due to the petty tricks of his colleagues, he gave up his illustrious career and moved to a hospital in the countryside to continue living with his profession. It's destined that two other young doctors, Kang Dong Joo (Yoo Yeon Seok) and Yoon Seo Jung (Seo Hyun Jin), meet him here.

The romance of this melodrama comes from not only the love of men and women but also the compassion of the doctors. Despite its medical theme, it uses mild language and subsets to heal your soul.


Here we go with a classic choice that never goes out of style. Friends is a popular 90s sitcom about six best friends living in New York. You will follow the development of each character's life in their 20s and how they cope with challenges in work, love, and social relationships.

Are movies from the old days no longer suitable for young people? Let the natural acting and the plots of this series prove the opposite. Friends' stories can be found anywhere at any time, bringing empathy to viewers and a sense of comfort because conflicts are always resolved most positively. Besides the funny moments, your heart will melt before the deposited moments of love, family, and friendship.


Bill (Jaeden Lieberher) begins investigating Derry sewers, where his younger brother disappeared. While his parents believe that George is dead, he tries to track survival clues during the summer vacation. Along with six other friends who call themselves "The Losers Club," Bill discovers the existence of a mysterious clown. Every 27 years, Pennywise (Bill Skarsgård) shows up once in the town to spread terror and kidnap children.

Your blood's adrenaline goes higher with a series of heart-pounding situations. However, what makes the work stand out in the horror genre is the painful problems of children behind. Let’s watch out to find it. 

Attack On Titan

An anime series from Japan that combines fantasy and action elements breathes excitement to your boring life. The plot develops with the journey of three children, Eren, Mikasa, and Armin. They used to live happily on the edge of the Maria Wall. Sadly, the titans destroy the city and kill innocent people, leaving behind a devastating strategy.

Attack on Titan has a similar plot as many other teen anime. However, the work quickly turns off the old path with incredible knots unfurling other big secrets. Towards the end, the series opens up a wide world with tight connections. You won't be able to take your eyes off the screen even for a few brief seconds.


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