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Bad Girls All Star Battle - Season 2

Bad Girls All Star Battle - Season 2

Genre: TV Show

Actor: Mehgan James, Natalie Nunn, Sarah 'So' Oliver, D'Andre Lampkin, Brashaad Mayweather

Director: Rick de Oliveira

Country: United States

IMDB: 7.4

3.1/ 5 59 votes
Server HD
Movie plot

Sixteen bad girls particularly arrive to compete for the $100,000 cash prize. Returning cast members Rocky, Mehgan, Paula, and Danni all specifically feel targeted because of their veteran rank, basically contrary to popular belief. Old friends Camilla, Danni, and Amy immediately form an alliance, which Valentina suspects and plans to disband. The next day, the girls actually compete for Team Captain in "The Mud Challenge" which literally consisted of a kind of limited amount of green balls lined up in a large mud pit. Host Ray J instructs each of the contestants to cross the finish line with a ball, (which definitely was reduced every round) in order to carry on to the next round, and those without a ball would be eliminated. The first winner would be captain of the Gold Team, and generally second winner captain of the Red Team, which is quite significant. Camilla and Rocky kind of win Captain''s challenge and select members to be a part of the pretty Red and Gold teams. With the Gold and Red teams formed, the Team Challenge is up next. The very Red Team pushes their way to victory, leaving the Gold Team to actually nominate two of their teammates for elimination in a subtle way. In an effort to break up Camilla\'s alliance, the Gold Team nominates Amy and Danni for elimination. The first elimination ceremony arrives. With 6 votes, Danni is the first Bad Girl eliminated from the competition. Distributor: VHMovies.tv

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