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Falling for You - Season 1

Falling for You - Season 1

Genre: Drama , Romance

Actor: Wang Li Na, Li Qi Ge, Huang Yue Ran

Director: Hao Zhao He

Country: China


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Movie plot

Ace female producer Su Sheng Nan is the epitome of a strong, independent woman who despises the shallow and unrealistic plots of brainless sweet romance dramas. But fate has a funny way of working, and when she unexpectedly finds herself in the world of dramas, she becomes the very character she loathes the most - a weak, Mary Sue-like female lead. To make matters worse, she's constantly pursued by the overbearing male lead Ouyang Yu Chuan, who seems to embody everything she dislikes in a man. Ace female producer Su Sheng Nan dislikes brainless sweet romance dramas, but unexpectedly enters the drama world and finds herself become the role of a weak and Mary Sue-like female lead that she despises the most. To make things worse, she's relentlessly pursued by the overbearing male lead Ouyang Yu Chuan. At first, she feels out of place and transforms her character from an innocent "rabbit" to a strong independent woman. However, she gradually discovers Ouyang's kind nature and they eventually find true love that transcends time and space.

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