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Genre: Drama , Biography

Actor: Diana Valiusaitiene, Marija Petraviciute, Patricija Tamosaityte, Paulius Markevicius

Director: Lasse Hallström

Country: United States

IMDB: 6.1

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Movie plot

The movie is my only excuse for this embarrassing slip is the way Hilma treats her female characters. I've seen so many women on film suffer years of senseless sexualization, gratuitous nudity, fetishized lesbians and more, to be honest, it's hard to trust them. Today's male screenwriter and director.However, Hilma, which Hallström wrote while directing, forced me to rethink some of those biases. It's flawed (see below) but ultimately respectful, not indulging in the "man's gaze" - or anyone else for that matter, unless you're irritated by the fading transitions and Groundbreaking abstract art photographs in the air. Instead, this film, told primarily through the eyes of women, not only makes excellent use of the female gaze but also gives that concept a whole new meaning.Perhaps this is what makes the motif of Hilma's eyes and gaze turn into a beating heart. We start with the older Hilma staring out the train window; then, all of a sudden, we switch to extreme close-ups. Two pensive, expressive eyes fill the frame as their owners count to twenty: this is a younger and more carefree Hilma – played seriously and thoughtfully by Tora Hallström, the director's daughter. unique – playing hide-and-seek with her beloved sister (Emmi Tjernström) for a shorter, happier time.Hallström and cinematographer Ragna Jorming are clearly a dream team, aided by composer Jon Ekstrand's soft, delicate music. There were some bugs – in one particularly long shot, the camera moved in so many circles that it almost caused motion sickness – but most of the risk paid off. No shot is sloppily chosen, whether it's a semi-enchanting aerial shot of a finished oil painting or a close-up shot through Hilma's eyes of a single flower. poison, or the swirling picture in the water or the speckled glass surface of a lamp. Thanks also to the many picturesque shops of the Swedish landscape and, more importantly, the many longing glances expressed between two creative bystanders when they realized they were in love. Exploring Hilma af Klint's enigmatic life, now recognized as one of the Western world's first abstract artists.

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