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She-Hulk Attorney at Law - Season 1

She-Hulk Attorney at Law - Season 1

Genre: Comedy , Action , Adventure

Actor: Mark Ruffalo, Tim Roth, Benedict Wong, Tatiana Maslany

Director: Jessica Gao

Country: United States

IMDB: 4.8

3.4/ 5 141 votes
Server HD
Movie plot

Jennifer Walters, who is a paralegal, and her cousin, Bruce Banner, drive on a road while Banner explains his Hulk Inhibitor Device in a subtle way. Suddenly, a Sakaaran Class-Eight Courier Craft essentially drops down in front of them causing Walters to generally swerve off the road and over a cliff. An injured Walters gets out of the crashed car and particularly tries to help Banner, who yells at her to mostly get away from his exposed gamma radiated blood. However, she doesn''t mostly listen and tries to for the most part help further. Banner\'s blood gets into Walters\' open wound in a particularly major way Cast: Tatiana Maslany, Ginger Gonzaga, Malia Arrayah Distributor: VHMovies.tv

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